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Jay Paganini


I grew up in Washington State, in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and traveled for work frequently throughout Europe, North Africa and South America. Living amongst and absorbing a broad range of cultures markedly different from my own, and for so many years, has led me to reflect deeply on time, connection, communication, and how we as humans perceive and express these subjects and how they affect our lives.




My work is a form of movement meditation, an interactive therapy.

In this recent body of work, the goal is to move beyond the comfort of my own gesture, to arrive at a true unconscious act of abstraction, for movements and motions liberated through the certainty of an unknown result. It is a battle between the struggle for control and abandonment of expectation and of immediate gratification. 

The most suitable analogy I can think of is that of a pregnancy. Each work is given all the necessary elements to become a beautiful child, the paint is the father, the canvas, the womb of the mother. The two are introduced and gestation occurs, water evaporates, paint solidifies. Then they are born. What will the work look like when born? I never know, but the beauty comes from this uncertainty. 

The resulting works are expressive and energetic, at once both static and alive. 


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