Two in One

dream one

here in the apartment in newport
walking the hall towards the bedroom
i heard birds fighting and you called out from the bed
i bent down and opened the shade
looking onto the balcony was a seagull and a baby owl, his parent just below on the ground
he saw me and got scared, jumped/fell/can't fly
tried to follow his parent down the steep hill, but started rolling

. . .

dream two

dark morning in the parking to
i was bringing a bag to the car
you were smoking and talking to an older blond woman with glasses
trying to introduce myself she pushed passed me
and made a weird remark
"yes, i'll remember, insta something"
i put the bag in the car
backed out and was going to reverse closer to the door to make loading easier
the car started to roll backward as i couldn't find the break
it reversed faster, as i searched at first calm, and then frantic
i realized i was in a dream
woke up
my leg moving
my heart pounding
sun rising

DreamJay Paganini