Jay Paganini
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You found it...

my little secret spot.

It was a cold winter day, the first of August, and something magic happened... I found this beat. I didn't realize it at the time but it was my heart. It caught me and drew me in, and at that moment, everything in my life changed.

I had been reading a book, cover to cover, over and over, dog earring some pages, tearing out and skipping some completely. 

It was at this moment that I decided to make a snip, the first in many many months (maybe years). I couldn't stop. I started running with scissors.

In 30 minutes I was staring at 30 new collage, and actively participated in the destruction of countless hours of work, and it transformed and blossomed before my eyes.

This was the moment I decided to reclaim something I had hidden deep within me.

If you find this, it's for you.

Email me and I'll gift you one from the Illuminate Series. 


"Being never happens comfortably."